Information for Library Administrators

​Update on Canadian Electronic Library Hosting for CRKN Members

In 2008, 68 CRKN university members licensed 8129 titles from CEL under perpetual access terms. The original license agreement provided for hosting on the ProQuest/ebrary platform as well as Scholars Portal.  The ProQuest hosting arrangement ended in July 2017, when the CEL content was removed from ProQuest. At that time, free hosting was provided on the desLibris platform for all CRKN members. 

On July 15, 2018, this policy will change as follows:

Members holding any current CEL subscription service will continue receiving free hosting for unlimited multiple users. 
Where no current CEL subscription service is held, these choices are available:
  1. Hosting for 3 concurrent users by account: no charge.
  2. Hosting for unlimited multiple concurrent users: $.05/FTE/year, with a minimum charge of $300

    No action is needed to enable option 1. 

    To order unlimited hosting, (option 2,) please contact us.

    To get pricing for your library on subscriptions or hosting,
    use the pricing calculator below

    ​Notice of Change to https:// on July 30, 2018

    On July 30, 2018, desLibris will be moving to the https protocol exclusively. We will also be enforcing the use of a standard host name, which is .

    We will use re-directs to make sure that this will not affect access usage where urls using any of these forms of the host name:

    So all current MARC records with any of these urls in the 856 will continue to function correctly. However, to insure future security, the "https://www" hostname forms should be used in library records where possible. In particular, accounts using referring URL authentication or proxy servers may be impacted.

    ​Referring URL

    Please verify that the target URL from your host page is This will require a change to the HTML on your host page. See here for more instructions.


    ​Proxy Servers

    We have also made a minor update to our EZProxy stanza, as documented here. 

    All proxy servers should pass through the https protocol rather than http as of July 30, 2018


    MARC Records

    All desLibris MARC Records will be updated to reflect the https protocol in all relevant tags. But it will not be necessary to reload previously loaded MARC, since the redirect will keep the http links live.

    Reasons to Subscribe or Renew Your Library's Subscription

    desLibris is the most effective way for Canadian libraries to maintain a current collection of Canadian books and documents licensed for multiple concurrent-user access. Free MARC records and links to all major discovery services provide full catalogue integration. New content is added daily, at prices of only pennies per title. 

    More Documents, 
    More Currency

    Public documents are now published on desLibris within days of initial reception, and the volume of new documents added increases each month. 

    Dynamic, Customizable MARC

    MARC is now created concurrently with the release of Documents titles in desLibris. Records may be customized to individual library preferences, and a download history feature makes regular updates easy. 

    Discovery Service Integration

    desLibris records are available through all major discovery services, including WorldCat, ProQuest and Ebsco. 

    Analytics and Usage Reporting 

    Through the reports panel on the Library Dashboard, get easy access to real-time analytics and usage reports. 

    Easily Add Books to your Collection

    Many frontlist titles in the collection are available for perpetual access licensing only. Library administrators can easily search and make selected titles available to their users instantly.  See this YouTube video on how to purchase books under perpetual access licenses. 

    Open Access Books

    desLibris will include Open Access titles which meet its collection parameters. Added recently:
    Canadian Historical Association special booklets, and titles from the Open Textbook Collection.

    External Search

    External reference sources like Google and Wikipedia as well as specialized databases like CANLII may be integrated to help users cross-reference searches from a desLibris book to the external database. 

    Submit Your Own Documents

    A new "Content Provider" account is now available on demand to subscribers. With this option, library admins may submit PDFs for inclusion which may be restricted for viewing by account users only, or opened for access to all subscribers. 

    Online Reader

    Open any book to see the online reader, which enhances the PDF reading experience with linked tables of contents, context-sensitive search inside, citations, copying and printing. 

    Individual Accounts

    Any individual user can open a patron account to create and share reading lists, make individual purchases, and access any title licensed by an institution of which they are a member. 

    Multiple-user Access

    All 70,000+ titles in the Library Subscription collection are licensed for unlimited concurrent user access, so there are no turnaways.

    Advanced Search

    Adds precision to searching and allows for search of the fulltext of all titles in the system, revealing many hidden gems.

    Bottom line, the best reason to subscribe to desLibris is price. 
    For only pennies per title, you can stock your library with thousands of current monographs ready for unlimited access for all. 
    Use the calculator below to get an exact quote on the cost of a subscription for your library.
    ​For a complete price list, visit this page.
    To order any collection, go to your Account Profile, or start by opening a free account.

    Subscription Collections

    Complete Collection 

    ​Canadian Publishers

    ​Public Documents

    ​Livres en français

    Publisher Collections

    Irwin Law Collection    

    Ulysses Travel Guides

    Browse by Subject


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    Indigenous Peoples

    CHA Booklets

    ​New! Standing Orders for Canadian Scholarly Publisher Frontlist

    The members of the Association of Canadian University Presses release hundreds of new titles every year, which are vital holdings for academic libraries. Few of these new titles are included in the desLibris Canadian Publishers Subscription Collection due to rights restrictions.

    With this new service, academic libraries can be assured of receiving all new titles from these publishers as soon as they appear at a guaranteed price, which is 10% lower than the historical list price. The service includes all titles issued by the publisher bearing publication year 2018 and later.

    2018 Standing Order Price2

    1Average number of titles released annually in 2015-2017

    2Price based on average prices for 2015-2017, less 10% discount

    Quick Tips for Library Administrators

    Here's a quick refresher on the tools available to library administrators for managing the desLibris platform. See the Library Administrator Knowledge Base for more.

    Analytics and Usage Reports
    MARC Records
    IP Address Maintenance
    Perpetual Access vs Subscription
    Limiting Access to only Authorized Titles
    Buying Perpetual Access Licenses
    Wish List
    External Searches
    Personal Accounts
    Download to Tablet
    Analytics and Usage Reports
    On your library dashboard is a link to your usage reporting site.
    In addition, the administrator view of each title displays a Library Administrator information tab which provides information on the use of the individual title.
    MARC Records

    On the MARC Delivery Services panel in your Library Dashboard are the tools to set up regular updates for all your entitlements and to create customized sets of records as required, including delete records.

    IP Address Maintenance

    Because desLibris uses IP authentication to validate and admit library users, it is important that your addresses be accurately recorded. You'll see below the set of IP addresses that are now on our records. You can add, edit and manage your library's IP assignments/ranges directly on your Dashboard following the instructions here. Any changes made here will take effect immediately.

    Perpetual Access vs Subscription

    Books and documents are available on both perpetual access and subscription licenses. Use this link to identify the books your library owns under a perpetual access license, if any.

    Limiting Access to only Authorized Titles

    To restrict your users’ access to only titles available to them in fulltext, use the "Customization" tab in your Profile.

    Buying Perpetual Access Licenses

    Subject to publisher permission, most titles on the site are available for perpetual access licensing. A purchase (instructions here) will add the book to your library's collection instantly.

    Wish List

    You may store search lists of titles of interest in order to receive notifications and build purchase orders. More information.

    External Searches

    desLibris provides a portal to external databases like Internet Archive and Open Library, as well as to databases like CANLII which can be used to extend searches originally performed in desLibris. See the "External Searches" tab in your Profile for more information.

    Personal Accounts

    Every library user may open a personal account on desLibris to create bookshelves, store annotations and bookmarks, and download to tablets.

    Download to Tablet
    Every authenticated title in desLibris may be read on personal devices using the URMS Reader app, available for Android and Apple/IOS. More information.

    ​House of Anansi Releases Non-fiction and Poetry Collection for Libraries

    To mark its 50th Anniversary, the House of Anansi Press has released a collection of over 200 titles from its non-fiction and poetry lists for library use. Including all titles in the Massey Lectures and Monk Debates series, the titles in this collection are works of lasting reference value from a leading Canadian publisher.  

    The Anansi Collection is available exclusively on desLibris.


    While each title in the collection may be licensed individually, the collection is available at a discounted price. 

    Libraries purchasing the collection in 2018 will receive all new titles released by Anansi in these genres up to June 30, 2019 without additional charge. 

     Number of titles (current) List Price License Collection Price
     All Non-Fiction and Poetry~220  $4,893 Perpetual Access Single-User $4,500

    Browse Contents

    All Anansi & Groundwood

    Non-Fiction/Poetry Collection

    Massey Lectures