​House of Anansi Releases Non-fiction and Poetry Collection for Libraries

To mark its 50th Anniversary, the House of Anansi Press has released a collection of over 200 titles from its non-fiction and poetry lists for library use. Including all titles in the Massey Lectures and Monk Debates series, the titles in this collection are works of lasting reference value from a leading Canadian publisher.  

The Anansi Collection is available exclusively on desLibris.


While each title in the collection may be licensed individually, the collection is available at a discounted price. 

Libraries purchasing the collection in 2018 will receive all new titles released by Anansi in these genres up to June 30, 2019 without additional charge. 

 Number of titles (current) List Price License Collection Price
 All Non-Fiction and Poetry~220  $4,893 Perpetual Access Single-User $4,500

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